What to expect:

  • Once your booking request has been submitted, it is routed to the Lodging Associate at the requested location for confirmation.
  • When multiple requests are made for the same location, they will receive priority based on the date and time received.  If this occurs, our staff will work to find a suitable alternative for the second guest that submitted a request.
  • The Lodging Associate double-checks their schedule to confirm the date.
  • Once the reply is received by this office it is forwarded back to the guest in the form of a confirmation or decline.
  • If a location does not work out, we contact the guest to try to work out another lodging option.
  • If the request is confirmed, a payment request email will follow.
  • Your Lodging Associate should contact you at some point in the days that follow to introduce themselves and give you any pertinent information for your location.
  • If any additional information is needed, guests can feel free to contact their Lodging Associate directly or the Hillsdale College Home Connection office (homeconnection@hillsdale.edu or 517 607-2211).