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***We do not accept bookings more than 1 year out from arrival. If you are booking a place for Commencement please wait until after this year's Commencement has concluded.***

The Hillsdale College Home Connection was designed to provide creative lodging solutions for individuals and families coming to Hillsdale College.  Whether you are coming to campus for a CCA, an annual event, commencement and graduation, athletic competitions, or are simply parents visiting a current student, Hillsdale College Home Connection has options for many of these occasions. Availability may change depending on the event or time of the year. As friends of the College, our Lodging Associates own homes in the area and are excited about providing options for those traveling to Hillsdale for College activities.  Please contact our staff to help us provide you with every available lodging option for your next visit to campus. 

Some of our lodging options include multiple guest rooms.  For those locations that offer a shared bathroom option, the second guest room is available to be used in conjunction with the initial individual who may book the room for an added cost per night.  This will allow for groups that are familiar with each other and do not mind sharing bathroom facilities to stay together in one location.  If an individual our couple were to book one room at one of these locations, the second room would not be available to be booked by another guest, maintaining the desired level of privacy.

**Our Lodging Associates reserve the right to decline bookings on a case by case basis where they already have a booking the same week and cleaning and other logistics become prohibitive.**

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